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Nepal is the country known as birth place of Lord Buddha, Highest peak in the world Mt. Everest and great bravery of Gurkha soldiers. Like Nepal, Nepalese cuisine also has same unique combination of food from tropical low lands to the cold Himalayas. Geography alone has played a major role in eating pattern. Nepalese food is prepared using most common spices combined with distinct Himalayan spice Timur (a cousin of Schwann Pepper) and Herb called Jimbu directly imported from Nepal.

We are here to serve Nepalese traditional food with friendly manner of service together with great quality freshly prepared food by Nepalese Chef who has more than two decades of experience in U.K., with his own style at its most Authentic and vibrant form. Our aim is to stand out from the crowd to enhance Traditional Nepalese food in most significant way as in Nepal.

Please feel free to let your server or Manager Krishna Gurung to know of any your requests, suggestions or any other requirements; we are here to help with our best effort.

Thank you.

Today’s Special Recipes

Nepali thali set

Nepali Thali set have 3 separated food (Dal, Curry, Vegetable) to eat with steamed rice!!


Tandoori (clay oven dishes)

These dishes are marinated for hours before cooking, in order to bring out their delicate flavour. Then skewered and cooked in clay oven and served in a bed of fresh onions and capsicum.


Momo with achar

Momo is a steamed or fried dumplings filled with minced meat or vegetable..

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